Local Band Walks The Line

Local Country Band Walks The Line (see more):  “In April 2012, we opened for Nashville Crush at the Ohio Theater — that’s what got us going,” Luft said.

Shelby County Line has also opened for local bands Renegade and Exploit.  In addition to playing everything country — from Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson to CCR — the band has written two original songs.  Luft is constantly writing and reworking the lyrics he comes up with to add to the band’s list of original songs. The two they currently play are called “Faded Jeans” and “Home is a Home.”

Shelby County Line has played them at some of the shows they’ve done with good reception so far, Jennifer Tuttle noted.

“We get bookings every time they play somewhere,” she said. “They’re always busy.”IMG_9854scl

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