Paul Luft

Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar

Paul Luft, known to fans as the lead singer of the group, is one of the three original founders of Shelby County Line.  Calling Versailles, Ohio his home, Paul is defiantly a true country boy at heart.  “Growing up on a farm, working on farms, and singing in the church choir at like fifteen, I cannot think of anything more enjoyable than getting up on stage in my boots to sing country music,” Paul said.  “It’s not just playing music that gives me that intense feeling, it is the rush of performing that keeps me wanting more!  It’s the music.  The people.  The stage.  The smiles.”

Paul graduated from Versailles High School in 2015 and now is attending Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.  He is majoring in telecommunications with specialization in video and audio.  However, his love for music started long before high school.  Paul started performing and playing music on just about anything he could find when he just a toddler.  As a nine-year-old, both Paul and his sister put on small shows at the house for the family.  “When I think of music, I think of space.  It is everywhere.  The music is always there, you just have to listen,” said Paul.  “My Grandma inspired me to use music as way to capture the world around me.”

Over the years Paul has played, sang, and performed in front of hundreds of people outside of Shelby County Line.  Getting into audition only singing groups, show choirs, and more.  It just goes to show why Paul adds yet another get aspect the group success.